Taihu Lake Tunnel has seen a closure


The Taihu Lake Tunnel in east China’s Jiangsu Province—the longest lake tunnel under construction in the country, has seen a closure recently. Undertaken by CCCC, the 10.79-km-long tunnel is part of the Suzhou-Wuxi-Changzhou highway project, which after completion will effectively relieve the regional traffic pressure and promote the development.

The project has been implementing green building during its construction. For example, it adopts a construction method in which the cofferdams extend from two sides of the lake into the middle, which will be pumped, excavated, and backfilled in sections to reduce the influence on the water flow and to prevent algal bloom. The project team also installed vibrating screen sand equipment on the V-shaped conveyor belt to reduce the sand content in the raw materials. Besides, by adopting green energies such as solar energy and air energy, the project realized green treatment of waste concrete and resources recycling.