Operation of Huaping-Lijiang Expressway brings better life for local people


“This year’s express delivery volume has more than doubled. I’m really up to my neck in my work,” said Chen Baorong excitedly, who has been engaged in the express delivery business for 4 years in the mountainous Sanchuan Town, Yongsheng County, southwest China’s Yunnan Province. Him being busy is due to opening of the CCCC-participated Huaping-Lijiang Expressway at the beginning of this year.

There was only a winding road to connect Sanchuan Town with the outside world. Natural disasters happened frequently such as landslides and collapses, especially in the rainy season. Poor logistics made a large number of agricultural products unsalable in the harvest season. Many locals had to bear the losses of crops rotting in the ground despite their hard work all year round.

However, with the opening of the expressway, which cuts the journey time from Yongsheng to Lijiang from 4 hours to about 40 minutes, locals will no longer need to face these problems.

In addition to the expressway, the constructors also repaired bridges, hardened the road surface, and installed street lights for Sanchuan, bringing new life to the town. “The town is attracting more and more tourists, and the agricultural products business is also on the right track. People’s lives here will definitely get better and better!” Chen said hopefully.